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CABE Recognizes Moore’s Achievements

Region 1 Board Menber Jonathan Moore

Region 1 Board Menber Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore, a member of the Region One Board of Education, recently achieved the level of Certified Board of Education Member in the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) Board Member Academy for the 2015-2016 school year.  Jonathan was one of 31 board of education members recognized for their achievement in participating in numerous hours of board-related professional development activities. A board member must accumulate at least 20 credits to become a Certified Board of Education Member.

Areas of study are designed to strengthen leadership skills and give members a firm foundation in the essential governance skills needed to carry out their responsibilities. The areas of study are:

  • Board Relations with the superintendent, with the community, and with each other
  • Policy
  • Curriculum
  • School Finance
  • School Law
  • Labor Relations
  • Board Operations

“CABE is pleased to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of members of Boards of Education across Connecticut who have attained the Certified Board of Education Member level,” said CABE President Ann Gruenberg.  “They have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to professional development, focusing on a range of relevant topics, including fiscal operations and positive school climate.”


3 comments to CABE Recognizes Moore’s Achievements

  • Pam Vogel

    Congratulations to Jonathan. He is a most dedicated Board member to Region One and deserves this recognition for the years and time he has given to help improve education for our students!

  • Jonathan

    Thanks Pam

  • Claude Rolo

    Well deserved. Hope the community appreciates the dedication, time and effort you have given to Region 1. I certainly appreciated your valued assistance when I was a board member. Hats off!

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