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Mark Twain


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What does Housatonic Valley Regional High School have in common with the high schools in Hartford, Waterbury, Derby, Meriden, and Westbrook? Really really poor performance on the Advanced Placement (AP) tests for the class of 2016. Even hyperbola cannot cover these results.


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  • Dennis Fallon

    Please take a deeper look at this data. You can find this chart along with one showing AP Participation and a spreadsheet showing both under the Principal’s Report in the agenda for the 03/06 Region BOE meeting:

    The graph you posted shows that Region 1 has a low percentage of students receiving a 3 or higher (the spreadsheet indicates an actual value of 8%, while Hartford comes in at 6.9%). However, the participation graph and spreadsheet show that only 12.5% of students in Region 1 took the AP exams (a very low figure that is concerning to the board) while Hartford had 17.9% participation. So out of the 12.5% of Region 1 students who took the exams, In other words, 64% achieved a three or higher. In Hartford, out of 17.9% who took the exams, only 39% achieved a three or higher. Waterbury fared much worse with 8.4% performing well out of 23.4% who took the exams.

  • Editor

    Dennis, you are correct. Most of the Housatonic students did not take the AP test on purpose. Was it because they felt unable to pass it? Such reluctance only occurred at Housatonic, not other schools. If the students don’t use the AP courses for their purpose, then we really don’t have such courses. I heard ridiculous excuses at the Board of Education meeting: colleges don’t use the results, the test is too expensive, it takes too much time. Those excuses don’t seem to apply at other schools. Perhaps Housatonic should stop teaching AP courses.

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