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Parent Committee

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members in the Region One:

On March 22nd, at a meeting with parents regarding the 2017-18 HVRHS schedule, Dr. Vogel proposed a process that would include teachers, parents, and students to develop a new schedule for the High School.

Since March 30, a group of 10 parents representing a cross section of the Region has met four times to extensively discuss the future of our High School. Topics included Mastery-Based Learning, proposed grading practices, findings from earlier parent meetings, NEASC expectations, student data, and scheduling options. From the outset of these meetings, we agreed that the High School should continue to strive to be a school of excellence ensuring success for all students. It is our understanding that the High School Leadership Team will be engaged in a similar process.

We are writing to inform the public that our parent meetings have been productive and informative. We are now looking forward to collaborating with the teachers to share our ideas. We believe that the result of this partnership will produce a schedule that best supports the HVRHS students.

Richie Crane

Melanie Cullerton

Tracy Dowd

Dennis Fallon

Mike Flint

Cricket Jacquier

Rachel Matsudaira

Heather Ongley

Denise Sorrell

Deanna Swanson


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