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The Students Win

Today, the budget for Region 1 was approved by a vote of 488-450.  While Kent voted against the budget by 106-50, Salisbury countered with a positive vote, 196-60.  A vote against this budget would have meant cuts to staff, so the students are better off.

Town Yes No Total
Canaan 33 51 84
Cornwall 81 47 128
Kent 50 106 156
North Canaan 60 94 154
Salisbury 196 60 256
Sharon 68 92 160
Total 488 450 938

2 comments to The Students Win

  • Stephanie

    Are you sure that it would have been a cut to staff to reach a lower number? Where do we find info like that out before we vote? It’s a big budget, with many line items, there should have been several good choices to reduce the overall budget.

  • Editor

    Stephanie, Thank you for asking. In my experience, one rejection at referendum leads to multiple rejections before the turnout is high enough to overcome the negativity. With multiple rejections, the Region 1 Board must adopt last year’s bottom line and plan accordingly as of July 1st. That bottom line was $283,072 less than the current budget. The only way to meet that financial level is staff reduction, probably through not hiring replacements. I really am not aware of any source of information, newspaper or blog, that provides that kind of analysis. Usually, I find only threats from various sources about the dire consequences of approval.

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