It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!

Upton Sinclair

the height of irony


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Climate Change 101: Global Warming

By John Mauer

Global warming is in retreat at the moment, even as CO2 concentration increases. If one looks at the data, increased CO2 concentration does not cause, and has not caused, a large world-wide increase in temperature. The greenhouse effect, however real, is neither large enough nor independent of other effects to cause substantial warming.  Continue Reading


Climate Change 101: CO2 Concentration

By John Mauer

Today, every news show seems to talk about carbon dioxide (CO2), but usually with very little reference to actual data. Much of the news is dominated by political scare tactics or abject rejection of all science. So, here we describe, in a series of articles, the actual data as available on-line with references and some added science discussion.  Continue Reading


Science Run Amok

Rarely do outside events reach into Kent in a meaningful way. A business failure or downsizing in New Milford will cause some of our residents to lose their jobs. A crash on the stock market will cause the second-home market to dry up. Yet, except for our soldiers, international events seem far removed from every day life here. However, such is not the situation with recent events in global warming science.  Continue Reading