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Special Act 428 (1937)


    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

SECTION 1:    Any three or more of the towns of Sharon, Salisbury, North Canaan, Canaan, Cornwall, and Kent may, by vote, in a town meeting warned and held for such purpose, establish a district, to be known as the “Regional High School District Number 1 of Litchfield County.”    Said district may be enlarged, from time to time, by the regional high school board provided for in section two, on request of any adjoining town.

SECTION 2:    Said district shall purchase a site for, build and equip a regional high school for the benefit of the towns belonging to said district.    The affairs of such high school shall be administered by a regional high school board, to be composed of one person from each of the towns belonging to said district, to be appointed by the board of education of such town.    Each of the members of such regional board first appointed shall serve for such period as may be determined by such town boards of education and each of their successors shall serve for a term of three years and until his successor shall be appointed and shall have qualified.    Such regional board shall appoint a chairman and also a secretary and a treasurer, who may or may not be the same person.    Such treasurer shall give a bond to such board, to the satisfaction of the members thereof.    Such regional board shall perform the duties which would otherwise be performed by the town boards of education with reference to providing, for the residents of such district, educational opportunities beyond those of the elementary grades.

SECTION 3:    Such regional board shall employ teachers and other persons necessary for the conduct of such high school and shall make necessary contracts in relation thereto.

SECTION 4:    All provisions of the general statutes relating to high schools, including those relating to supervision, transportation and tuition, shall apply to said district and to each town belonging thereto, and transportation shall be provided within the town in which such school is located to the same extent as in other towns belonging to said district.

SECTION 5:    Each town which shall join said district shall pay its proportional share of the cost of building, equipping and operating a regional high school until such costs have been paid in full.    Such payments shall be made annually on a date fixed by such regional high school board, and shall be pro-rated among the towns comprising said district on the basis of the average attendance at such school of pupils from each of such towns during the preceding year, provided, until such school shall have been in operation for one year, such pro-rating shall be based on the average attendance of pupils from each of such towns at any high school during the preceding year.

SECTION 6:    No pupil from any town belonging to said district shall, at the expense of such town, attend any high school other than such regional high school.

SECTION 7:    Said regional high school district shall be a body politic and corporate, with power to issue bonds, in the name and upon the full faith and credit of said district and of the towns comprising the same, in an amount not to exceed two hundred thousand dollars, to be used by said district in acquiring a site, in the erection of buildings and in installing equipment for a regional high school, as provided in this act.    Such bonds shall be denominated “Bonds of the Regional High School District Number 1 of Litchfield County.”

SECTION 8:    Such bonds shall be serial bonds, with coupons attached, and registerable as to principle and interest or as to principle alone, shall be signed by the chairman and treasurer of the regional high school board, and shall bear such rate of interest, mature in such substantially equal annual instalments that the whole amount thereof will be paid not later than thirty years from the date of issue and be issued in such denominations and at such time or times and place or places as shall be determined by said district board.

Section 9:    Such bonds, when executed, issued and delivered, shall be obligatory upon said district and upon the towns comprising the same and the inhabitants thereof, according to their tenor and purport.

Section 10:    The provisions of section 99c of the 1935 supplement to the general statutes, relating to the five per cent limitation of indebtedness, shall not apply in the case of any bonds issued under the provisions of this act.

Approved June 11, 1937